Runner’s Guide – The Adverse Effects of Not Running for A Month

If you are a regular runner and you are planning to go away on a month-long cruise or on a business trip without a chance to run, you might be putting your body at risk. The problem is not a common one for those who are not runners, but runners are more susceptible to these problems if they do not comply with your body’s need to keep the routine. Regular runners might not face the problem that is huge that mounts to their feet falling off, however, the changes that do occur is enough to scare anyone. Therefore, even if you are going away for a month, try and squeeze in your daily dose of running if you want to stay away from these consequences.

Say Good Bye to Your Current Weight

The first and most obvious thing you will hear about and already probably know is about your weight. Yes, you will essentially gain weight very quickly if you do not run for 30 days. Your body begins to love the boost of energy and the routine it has with healthy lifestyles in place. Therefore, the first thing that it does when it is faced with a lack in the running department is to hold onto all the energy sources. Hence, the rapid weight gain.


Runners always are in a good mood and filled with positive feelings. This is because of the endorphins that are flooding their system when they run. This perpetual positive feeling begins to deplete, and any mental issues begin to surface. Stress, anxiety, and depression are cured because of running, and they begin to surface their ugly heads when there is no dopamine in your body to keep them away. Even individuals who do not have any emotional problems are bound to find some form of anxiety because of the lack of energy boost and easily slack into bad eating habits.


No, this is not a pleasant talk at all. There is a flood of toxins that fill the body when you do not work out. This holds everything back inside, and you can be sure to be constipated for a few months because of it. The oxygen that flooded your system when you kept the running routine becomes insufficient to the body. Since you have trained your body to use the oxygen supplies in excess, your intestines and digestion are slowed down. This has a domino effect in turn.


Your body and your mind go completely out of whack. There is little to sustain your mind, and your body takes a hit because of its lack of both oxygen and energy. The domino effect is a shock to the system, and several processes are affected by a lack of energy, unease, weight gain, etc. are only some of the affected areas. Your ability to perform everyday duties becomes a task, and it takes a while for your body to get used to the change. However, once it has adopted several of the usual processes are affected already and a feeling of sluggishness sets in.

BMR is Affected

Your Basal Metabolic Rate suffers a hit once the other processes take a hit. What this essentially means is that the speed and efficiency of the energy burning efficiency suffers. Many people who are avid runners find it very difficult to get back on track if their BMR is already affected. It simply, means they must build up their stamina and endurance all over again.

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