Why It Is Better to Run on the Treadmill Than on the Road

Even if a storm wages outside or there is a waist level of snow covering the ground, there is no excuse for giving up on a running schedule. Running on a treadmill is an acquired passion that many runners find satisfying when they can’t go outside for a run. However, the question remains if running on the treadmill is any better than running out on the road. For those starting a running program, running on the treadmill might sound like a boring or an ineffective way to get fit. Several benefits come with running on the treadmill. These benefits might not seem blaringly obvious, but when you weigh the pros and cons; a treadmill runner has the advantage.

Safety and Workout Quality

The most obvious benefit of running on a treadmill is the safety the indoor training method provides. Security from the weather, time of day, type of neighborhood and health, is a particular feature of running on a treadmill. Most often runners who run outside find that they are unable to get their usual workout because of weather-related issues. The weather has little impact when it comes to the indoor treadmill. You can exercise and train at the pace, time and quality that you want to push yourself to achieve every day.

Sometimes, finding the terrain to challenge your muscles is hard to find, in such cases, a treadmill wins every single time. The incline feature can be turned on right from the start or anytime you want to climb a hill. Climbing hills and running up inclines on the road can cause serious injury in the long run. The impact that the concrete has on the joints has shown significant damage in runners who choose the path. Therefore, the treadmill is a safe and injury free option for runners. More than anything, the convenience of being around family and not worrying about running back home to tend to the kids, is one less worry with the treadmill workout.

Physical Benefits

All safety and confidence aside, there are benefits that a treadmill workout would give a runner than a road running session. When running on a treadmill, you would primarily use your quads to push yourself to run. Your hamstrings get the most benefit from your workout on a treadmill. When you run outside the length of your strides are fluid, and your hamstrings do not strengthen as effectively. The resistance that you face when running outside from the wind will slacken your muscle strengthening ability. However, with no resistance indoors, the quality of your workouts is exaggerated on a treadmill workout. While most people prefer running on the road despite knowing the benefits of the treadmill, a balance between the two will aid in giving you the best of both worlds. While investing on a treadmill a manual treadmill or a fully automatic one would provide the same benefits. Therefore, your budget would be the only deciding factor on the type of treadmill you choose.

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