Best Foods for a Runner to Eat Before Running

To make sure that you get the best results from your exercise, it is essential that you adopt a healthy meal plan. However, new running enthusiasts, feel that having a snack before running will cause major gastrointestinal issues and cramps. Not eating creates hunger pangs and weakness sets in during a run. Weakness and fatigue, in turn, impact the duration of the workout time. Therefore, eating a snack before a race is advisable, not a meal. A meal would make you feel full, heavy and extremely lazy.

There are different types of foods that a runner can eat before a run. These snacks are some of the healthiest and are full of nutrients. A significant factor that you should take into consideration is that you should not feel starved or stuffed, as both will impact your run negatively. Eating two or three hours before your race is safe, as it helps in avoiding side stitches during your workout. It is also important to eat something high in protein and potassium, to aid in muscle development and provide bursts of energy.

Fuel for Runners

A pre-run meal before your run has positive effects on the body. You don’t want to be starving and weak during your run. However, it is essential that you don’t overeat, or you will be visiting the bathroom more often than doing any actual running. Choosing a meal that is high in carbohydrates and low in fibers is suggested, as they don’t cause any unease during a run. Some great examples of pre-run meals are bagels with peanut butter, energy bars or a banana, cold cereal with milk, turkey, cheese on whole-wheat bread and oatmeal with berries. These foods are an extremely healthy choice, and they help with any gastrointestinal issues runners may get because of dehydration. Stay away from any fatty foods as they create digestive problems.

Eating Before and During A Run

Main meals should be consumed at least 3 hours before running. Avoiding greasy or deep-fried foods for the main lunch before the run is vital to consider. These foods need time to be completely digested by the body. The time that you have to wait before running depends entirely on the meal that you eat, lighter breakfasts like cereal, needs only one hour to digest. However, other food choices like bacon and eggs take longer. While you run, make sure to carry an energy gel pack or an energy bar, in case your blood sugar drops, and you begin to feel faint.  Do not eat the entire energy bar if you feel hungry while running. For effective running, give your body just the right amount of energy to power through. Therefore, a single bite of the energy bar will suffice. Most people don’t need snacks during a running session if they have had a meal before working out. Also, the body sends the same signal to the brain to indicate hunger and thirst. Therefore, first drink sips of water during your workout before you give your body any energy snacks.

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