Reasons Everyone Should Start Running

Do you want to start running everyday? Have you never been a fan of running? Do you get tired just from hearing the word, “run?” Well, there are several benefits to running each day. Not only is running great exercise, but it’s good for the mind as well. People run to stay in shape, they run on teams and in marathons, as well as for leisure. There are so many amazing benefits associated with running. Keep reading to find out why everyone should start running.

Good for your health

Man running on pavement
Man running on pavement

Running is the number one form of cardio. Just running for five to ten minutes per day, at a good pace, has been linked to reducing the risk of getting cardiovascular disease. Compared to those that never run, people who run on a daily basis have half the chance of dying from heart disease. Running also improves physical and mental health, as it can reduce stress, improve your heart health, and can also aid in reducing the symptoms associated with depression. Not only can running extend your life, but it can also help improve sleep and it’s even good for your knees and back.

Helps lose weight

Running burns some serious calories. Not only do you burn calories while running, but running can help you continuously burn calories long after your workout. Running can also help suppress your appetite, which targets stubborn belly fat. Running is essentially one of the best workouts for weight loss, mainly because it’s so accessible and effective. You can run anytime, any place, without any equipment. It’s less expensive than joining a gym, and you can run by yourself or with a partner. Running daily combined with healthy eating habits can put you in position to lose a nice amount of weight, if that’s your goal.

Improves energy

Many runners say that when they’re tired, they go for a run because when finished, they have more energy. Many people refer to this as “runner’s high,” which makes you feel like you have more energy and a lot of positive energy. This is a mental state resulting from physical activity. The science behind it is the release of endorphins in the brain. Another reason that runners feel more energetic after running is because avid runners are usually more healthy. Runners usually take part in other kinds of physical activity, and they usually get more sleep because they know that they need to be fresh for their workout. People who get more sleep are more likely to have more energy.

Similar to meditation

Avid runners feel that taking the time to go running alone really allows them to think and just be at peace. Running allows them to get away from the many stresses and worries they may be facing in their personal lives. This acts as meditation. Research shows that meditation can boost your mood, improve your focus, and helps aid in depression and anxiety. Running as meditation offers concentration, relaxation, as well as contemplation. It allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. Many people find that it’s impossible to sit still for 30-40 minutes each day to meditate, however, those same people enjoy going for a run instead.

Meet new people

Runners usually run outdoors on trails and in parks, and some choose to run indoors on gym tracks or on treadmills. Either way, you’re sure to meet new people when out running. When running, you come across others who share the same passion for running, whether they’re running for their health or for fun. You can connect with these people and maybe even meet up from time to time to run together. There’s nothing like connecting with other individuals who share a love for the same things as you.

Easy to fit in

Man running on treadmill
Man running on treadmill

No matter where you live or what you do, you can always fit running into your schedule. If you’re traveling for work, don’t belong to a gym, or you only have ten minutes to get in a quick workout, then running is definitely for you. You can run outdoors anytime, most hotels have treadmills, and running burns so many calories that all you need is ten minutes. Anyone can take advantage of running, no matter their lifestyle.

Running is not only good for your body, but it’s also a way for you to get in tune with yourself. Running can be really relaxing and can help relieve stress. I run three miles every morning and it’s one of the only times during the day that I have just for myself. Other activities that I partake in to relax and ease stress are reading short stories at Comixology and playing online at Pokerstars casino, as well as baking sweet treats. However, I look forward to running each and every day, as I never know who I’m going to meet out on the trail and I enjoy staying in shape.