Running in Winter – The Gear You Need

Running may have some pleasurable parts to it, however running in the cold is indeed not one of those decisive moments. When you exercise in cold temperatures, you generate a lot of heat. Although it may be freezing in the beginning, you will find that after a little bit of a warm-up your body is not affected by the cold as much. But those who run in cold weather usually don’t possess the gear that is needed to keep themselves warm, which can often lead to some complications. So if you are training for your upcoming marathon and are finding it difficult to gather the enthusiasm to head out into the winter weather, these pieces of clothing are highly suggested.

Many companies have created wide ranges of clothing that are designed specifically for this purpose. So, heading into a store and following this list for the equipment that you need is a given. The following pieces of base layers are not only designed to be light, but they are also intended to take away any perspiration and still leave you feeling warm and cozy.

Base Layers

The base layers are similar to that of a long-sleeved top. Only they are fitted with more functioning aspects than regular everyday shirts. The layer is designed to fit your body like a second skin. It can also remove sweat from your body during your exercise and still keep you warm during cold weather. The piece of clothing has a feature that can regulate your body temperature when you are exercising. Base layers are commonly worn in winter and are often fitted with compression elements.

Some examples of exceptional base layers that are most effective are:

  • Long Sleeve Running Base Layer
  • Helly Hansen Lifa Crew
  • Craft Fuseknit Comfort
  • Icebreaker 175 Everyday Long Sleeve Crewe Top
  • Odlo Futureskin
  • DHB Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer
  • Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve
  • Inov-8 Long Sleeve Merino Base Layer

The typical long-sleeved base layer is a super soft piece of fabric is a moisture-wicking base layer and a seamless one at that. The top designed to have built-in mitts, so sudden temperature drops are handled. The material is specially designed to avoid chafing when it comes in contact with the skin; you can even wear the layer with other pieces, and you can be safe of chaffing. The technology used in the Helly Hansen Lifa Crew’s fabric is nothing short of genius. Fitted with strips that keep you warm as you move, this top is indeed to be at the top of your list for Christmas presents. The fabric is extremely lightweight, offers maximum comfort and allows your skin to breathe. The Odlo Futurskin top is similar to its kin, but it allows more protection for your neck during chillier runs and offers maximum comfort and maneuverability. The base layer is also fitted with technology that keeps it fresher for longer. Lululemon’s Swifty Tech is another top that utilizes clever techniques to serve its purpose. When the weather is milder, you can still wear the layer to make you feel insulated instead of overheated when you are cooling down after your exercise. The fabric used is exceptionally lightweight and designed for the maximum amount of ventilation.