Some of The Best Rated Apps to Begin a Running Plan

Running for fitness is not as easy as it sounds. People who are not familiar with running for fitness think its as simple as wearing a pair of sneakers, getting into running gear and hitting the asphalt. Some people have been interested in taking up running as a passion but don’t know the right way to do it. They end up landing up with a muscle tear or are completely out of breath and decide never to try it again. The need for proper coaching when it comes to running has been identified by fitness specialists. Hence, apps have been developed through collaboration with tech companies to help people train to be better runners for a marathon or even just for passion.


Most people who take up running to find that they don’t know which routes are good for them to take. Once and twice down the same route around their home and they’re bored of seeing the same flower beds and give up. RunGo solves the issue for you. The app comes up with creative routes that you can take when you start off running. That way you need to ensure that you keep up your running and don’t worry about the scenic change you need.


The actual name of this app is a very literal one. The program is to help beginners get from the couch to start running 5K. The app itself provides an eight-week program that includes interval training as part of its norm which is shown to increase fitness levels and stamina like an elastic band. There is enough research that has gone into starting off with only three times a week of running before making it a habit. Therefore, this is what the app offers. Each workout plan is set to 30-minute slots which are easy for anyone to squeeze in 3 times a week.


The norm of getting enough fitness is to clock 10,000 steps a day. However, this app calls this theory a fad. They aim at providing fitness starters a chance to clock their workouts by the time they spend a day. Therefore, the running app aims to provide 30-minute slots of workout a week as well. Your overall physical activity is tracked as part of the app. The unique feature about the app is that it allows you to network with other runners in the area through their in-built social platform called Pulse.


This app is by far one of the most popular one for runners to use. It has all the features that are usually found in a fitness app like the duration, distance, calories used and the pace at which you run. However, the uniqueness of this app is its popularity and therefore, the company focuses a lot on its social element. You can get a chance to network with other runners who use the app and compete with them and share successes. For its popularity, Endomondo can afford to have a fully-fledged, competitive social component.

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