The Best Apps for Running in 2019

Starting Out

Couch to 5K – There is likely no better app to begin with than the Couch-to-5K app, this will take you from hardcore slob to regular runner just as the name suggests. This is a great app for those that are just starting out, it’ll bring up your confidence and it’s important to remember that every has to start somewhere. This gives you a guide of three 30-minute workouts a week and after nine weeks it’ll have you prepared to take on that goal of 5 km. During each workout the app records the distance you’ve ran via GPS and times each session too, after a nifty virtual coach will fill you in on how you’ve done, giving you verbal cues. Once you’ve completed your runs you can then log the data over at where you can share your achievements with your friends.

Ready for More

Strava – Strava has become an immensely popular app amongst both runners and cyclists and is awesome for both the casual and hardcore alike. What’s great about Strava is that it offers an in-depth GPS tracking system that works with a large range of other GPS devices and uses this to track a wide array of metrics that provide some greatly detailed results. It’s also well revered for its segments feature which allows you to compare and compete with other cyclists in your area. You can add friends and view their times in certain areas too so you can either work together towards a goal or try and beat each other to the top spot. If you decide to purchase the Premium option there are a host of new extras, metrics and a safety feature that allows three of your chosen contacts to monitor where you are, so they can easily find you should something happen.

Safety First

RoadID – If safety is an issue for you then RoadID is a great app that can help put your mind at ease and ensure that should something happen; you won’t be left in the middle of nowhere without a hope. It works by sharing your location with friends and family, if you stop for more than five minutes without responding to the alerts from the app it will send them a message. What’s really great is that your chosen contacts don’t even need the app to be informed, they can receive the message either by text or email so you know that they will find out for sure.

For Fun

Zombies, Run! – If you’re looking for a bit of fun to inspire your run then look no further than Zombies, Run!. This app provides a sort of real-life video game experience by giving you audio-based scenarios and missions to partake in whilst on the track. You’re thrown into a zombie apocalypse where audio prompts will tell you to do things like collecting supplies, fortifying your base and eventually save humanity. The story is tied into your music so you can keep yourself motivated whilst trying to complete the tasks at hand. You’ll be running for your life and loving it.