The Mistakes of Beginner Runners

There are many reasons why running is considered one of the most popular sports around the world. You do not need expensive equipment and, theoretically speaking, you can start right now. A pair of good running shoes and the right running clothes are enough to plunge into the jogging pleasure. The intentions behind this exercise are clear: some people want to be more active while others hope to lose a few pounds. But even doing this sport, beginners can make some crucial mistakes. These may lead to you not being able to achieve your goals, injuring yourself, or quickly losing interest again.

The Right Frequency Prevents Excessive Demands

The first mistake that most beginners often make is choosing the wrong frequency of workouts. Those who run irregularly put a lot of stress on their bodies. It makes a big difference whether you go jogging once a week or three times a week, and for how long. There is no point in saving or catching up on training time. Tendons, ligaments, and muscles are excessively strained, and that is not healthy for the body. It is much better to do short trainings several times a week. It is ideal to have three jogging sessions for 20 minutes. After all, an untrained body has to get used to the new load. Consistency is the key to achieving goals!

But that does not mean you need to be constantly on the move. Exaggeration is as harmful to your body. Only professionals might manage 12 training sessions a week, but even their bodies would not cope with those in a few weeks time. If you run too often, you put yourself at a risk of classic joggers’ injuries. In addition to runner’s knee, shin splints may also happen. It would be best if you adapted every workout to your fitness level. If you cannot assess it, it is recommended to consult a professional trainer.

Strength Training Builds Muscles

Running alone is not enough. Strength training supports the muscles in the building phase. A jogger does not necessarily have to go to a gym to do this. It is enough to do appropriate exercises at home or outside. Warming up also cannot be forgotten. It enables the body to perform at its best and prevents injuries. You have to warm up before jogging or any other exercise.

Strength Training Builds Muscles
Strength Training Builds Muscles

Do Not Buy Cheap Shoes!

That brings us to the last crucial mistake of beginners. Lots of runners make a big error by saving on their running shoes. Any usual sneakers are not suitable for running even if they seem very comfortable. Running shoes should fit your foot perfectly and they are built using a special material to prevent pain in the foot and the knee. Wrong shoes cannot support the foot properly. If you want to be sure, you can have a so-called running style analysis done. Your body reacts immediately to a lousy running style or the wrong shoes. It is always advised to listen to your own body and respond to pain.