Types of Runners You Will See at A Marathon – Running Personalities

Everyone these days are taking a liking to running marathons. Whether they are overseas or local events to raise awareness for a cause, a marathon is one of the best ways an event management company will be able to bring loads of people to an event without having to spend too much. Rising awareness about health and wellness also has a lot to contribute to the growing popularity of marathons these days. While everyone stays attuned to running and finishing the marathon, some people are passionate enough to run that they pay little attention to how they may seem to an onlooker. Passion, health and drive aside, here are some of the different types of runners you would see at a marathon.

  1. The Dog Swatting Runner

The runner who looks like a frightened dog swatter is usually a woman. She usually runs like she is being attacked by a rabid dog and is trying everything possible to get away from the fatal attack. With flailing hands and legs, she acts like he is swatting the animal when she is running. Usually equipped with well-manicured fingers, the frightened dog swatter forgets about all her lady-like appearances when running.

  1. The Cybertron

Both men and women at times look like a human Cybertron when they run at times. They behave like most of their human organs have been harvested, and they have been turned into a machine. These runners usually have so many gadgets attached to their body that they look like machines. From entertainment equipment to devices that tell them how much they are running and the quality of their run, the human Cybertron is a familiar face in today’s runners.

  1. Loud Runners

When watching a tennis match with your volume on high, you often see players screaming and making loud grunting noises. The same, when applied to a running environment, can mean constant loud grunts and sounds from their exertion with no referee to interrupt their performance. The loud runners are usually men who make loud thumping sounds when they run accompanied by vocal sound effects.

  1. The Sweat-less Runner

Women often believe that they are incapable or usually just won’t break a sweat. These runners exist in the running track in plenty. Typically, women who are in their 30s, don’t break a sweat because they have caked on enough foundation with their hair all done, god-forbid a camera might catch them. The woman is also capable of carrying on a conversation when running with no problem. Their talent or if you might say, their unique ability is a gift.

  1. Salination Plant Runner

Unlike the woman who is incapable of sweating, you can usually spot newbies to running when you look around and find a soaking wet runner. They can’t stop sweating and start the waterworks right from the time the whistle goes off. Whether it is cold or pouring rain, the salination plant runner has enough sweat to stay far away from.