The Right Choice Between Running and Swimming for Fitness

Deciding to workout itself is a huge ask. Most people these days are becoming aware of the implications of an interactive lifestyle and are getting into some form of activity to stay fit and healthy. The entertainment industry is also contributing to the standards that are expected in physical appearance. Audiences are also sucked into the need to keep up appearances to match their favorite role models. Technological giants have used this opportunity to cash out on this and have developed apps to help people get to their fitness goals. However, the big question is which activity is best.

Dedicating time to workout is a challenge. Therefore, naturally, the choice is to do with which activity burns the most calories in the least amount of time. Another problem is the muscle groups that get worked out when you choose a fitness regime. For example, if you decide to cycle, you would only work out certain muscle groups that will not tone you all over. Sports like softball are great for connecting and playing with friends, however, the amount of energy you expend when you make a play is minimal. Whether you choose running or swimming, there are a few factors to consider to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

The Time and Distance

The time taken to swim to the finish line is more when you compare with having to run or sprint to the same finished line. However, when you swim, you get to work out all your muscles and travel a short distance. The time taken is more. However, the amount you cover when you swim is less. Depending on how much of the time you must work out, your choice can be simple. Swimming if you have less time and running when you have more. To get the same amount of workout without having to go very far and back is what swimming offers.

Movement and Endurance

The resistance that is provided by the water is said to be the best kind you can get. When it comes to running though, the only resistance is the wind. Water is difficult to tread through, and you will need to strive a little more to get to the same finish line, which you can whip across to if you run. However, if endurance is what you are looking for, weight down your hands and legs with arm and leg weights, when you run, will do the job.

The intensity of The Workout

The actual intensity of the workout is different for a runner and a swimmer. Both the activities are very demanding. They require individuals to reach a certain level of fitness before they can push themselves further. The impact of running on your body is a lot more than swimming. Joints of individuals suffer if proper care is not taken with the right shoes and right surface. Swimming, on the other hand, doesn’t depend on external factors to make it useful. A combination of swimming and running is a perfect way to find the balance when it comes to getting an intensive workout.

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